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Fees & Funding

Because length of an assessment varies from client to client (depending on client age, ability to attend/participate and individual communication difficulties) and because therapy recommendations vary, our fees are based on the length of the sessions and number of participants.  Our fees cover the cost of the direct time with the client, as well as the “behind the scenes” planning, prep and charting required for each session.  If our clinicians are required to travel for meetings or other services, please enquire about travel charges.  

SLP & OT Services
  • Assessment: $150 per hour

  • Report Writing: $150 per hour

  • Individual Therapy: $150 per hour/$125 for 45 mins/$100 for 30 mins

  • Group Therapy (2 or more): $100 per hour

SLPA Services
  • Individual Therapy: $80 per hour/$70 for 45 mins/$60 for 30 mins

  • Group Therapy (2 or more): $65 per hour

Clients are welcome to pay for our services directly, however, many people may be able to use their own extended health benefits to cover the cost of intervention. If an individual or family member has extended medical benefits, they should check with their employer or insurance company to determine how much coverage they have for Speech-Language Pathology services.

For those without extended health benefits, external funding sources may be an option. We accept funding from the Ministry of Children and Families for those who have qualified for funding though the Autism Funding Unit and/or through At-Home Funding – Extended Therapies.

The following agencies also offer funding for speech and language intervention, and we thank them for their support in helping children reach their communication potential! Please contact these agencies directly to see if you qualify for funding:


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