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We have been working at Beehive for 3 years now, working on communication as severe apraxia of speech. In this time, Finn has made some amazing progress. He adores his sessions, running down the hall to her office, and we feel so very grateful to have her on our therapy team! She is incredibly knowledgable and has had a huge impact on Finn’s developmental gains!

Beehive Speech Therapy has been such a great and positive experience for my son. His speech over the past two years has grown so much and with that his confidence has too. They are so friendly, professional and knowedgeable I would not hesitate to refer them to my friends…. in fact I have

We couldn’t ask for more skilled and enthusiastic therapists for our kids (2 boys who have ASD and very different speech challenges). The SLPs are great at keeping our kids engaged to encourage speech, and they have tons of patience. Beehive Therapy is fantastic – would absolutely recommend!

Our autistic daughter has been seeing for a year and a half now. What I love about the speech therapy sessions most is that they are tailored exactly to our daughter’s needs, which are always changing. Beehive makes the sessions fun and engaging even on the days when our daughter is feeling low, and this is what has kept us going back and will definitely continue going. Our daughter’s language has improved drastically since we have been going to Beehive. Even our daughter’s teacher at school, the principal, the gymnastics instructor, the grandparents, have all mentioned how impressed they are of just how much our daughter’s language has improved in the last year. She has been doing so much better at socializing with her friends at school and also being able to spend much more time in the classroom. Before, she used to get so frustrated in the classroom, since she couldn’t really understand or express herself very well, and now she spends most of her time in there, with all her peers. Beehive is by far the best speech therapist we have ever been to, and I cannot recommend them enough!

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